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Board and Care Facilites

We would like to welcome all of California Pharmacy Care Homes to Mercy Plaza Pharmacy.   We have merged with California Pharmacy to provide a complete pharmacy solution for the needs of the Care homes.  If you would like more information please call us or visit our pharmacy.  We would love to here from you!   

Bubble Packs

We strive to provide complete care for our care homes by providing Bubble Pack for Individual Med Packs, Multiple Med Packs, and Bulk Products.  

Free Delivery to Care Homes

We have a dedicated team that strive to provide excellent service in a timely manner!

Complete Prescription Solutions!

We are able to provide complete Pharmacy Services including Brand and Generic Medications,  Over the Counter Medication.... 

Medication Synchronization 

Our Team has a goal is to provide your care home with all all of you prescription needs.  We provide Brand and Generic Medication, Medication synchronization, MAR's.

Daily Pills
Daily Pills

Let's Work Together

Please call us at 916-642-7900 for more information or email us at

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