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Dr. Seajal Jivan, Pharm.D.

Dr. Jivan earned her Pharm D. from the University of the Pacific in 2000.  With over 20 years of experience, her passion has always been to help her patients on their journey to better health.  With these challenging times, we are here for you  

Dr. Wajeeha Ahad,  Pharm.D.

Dr. Ahad earned her PharmD. from University of the Pacific in 2020.   She enjoys being able to give back to her community by advocating for her patients and providing them with the best care possible on their journey to better health outcomes.  

Carisa, Pharmacy Technician
Somy, Pharmacy Technician

Our hard working technicians are the backbone. of our operations.  They provide excellent customer service and are the friendly voice you will hear when you call us.  

Meet the Team


Mercy Plaza Pharmacy is independently owned and operated with a mission to provide exceptional pharmacy services with personalized attention.  We are small enough to understand you, big enough to take care of you.  We are proud to be the Pharmacy our community can rely on. Located in the heart of Sacramento, our kind and knowledgeable team provides customers with prescription medications and other health related products and services. We are aware of all your needs, and offer a variety of services intended to make it easier for you to stay healthy.

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